3D Measurements

A high-tech control system: we talk about 3D measurements, which allow us to handle the production process strictly, to ensure the maximum match between the project and the finished product. The 3D metering process, built internally by optics lite, allows you to test prototypes, molds and tolerances so that corrections can be made if unexpected problems arise or start production if everything is the same as it was designed.
Once the project-product response is verified through 3D measurements, the piece is sent to the certified photometric laboratory for final optic validation if necessary. This way, it is also safe to do this process once, also given costs it incurs.
Another purpose of 3D measurements may be to carry out the so-called reverse engineering, that is to detect the characteristics of products already in use in the company, for example to produce new optics with different purposes and performances, but keeping the same attacks as those currently used or still to check for any production problems that can not be otherwise identified.
To perform 3D measurements, optics lite uses a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) - Hexagon Metrology model TIGO-SF.

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