Who we are

Design and consulting of optical systems.

Designing and consulting in a relationship of close collaboration and trust with our customers: these are the goals that optics lite has always been over the years, succeeding in gaining a good reputation and participating in projects of great value both industrial and strategic for example in the military sector.
Founded in 2004, just before the advent of the LED technology, optics lite actually comes from a much wider experience, dating back to the mid-1980s. It is on this solid foundation that the innovations that have followed over the years, always with the same skill and attention they have always characterized our work.
Whatever the business needs, from the design of a project from the beginning, based on an idea or to perfect existing systems, even in collaboration with any technical departments within the structure, optics lite is able to provide highly specialized services in the field of optical systems, while also having extensive experience in several areas that has enabled it to develop a diversified and high-value know-how.
In the last few years optics lite consultancy and design services have also complemented the optics production themselves and also the related support and engagement systems to provide a complete process under direct control, which guarantees maximum accuracy and product conformity to what is designed

optics lite.
Design of
Optical Systems in the Optics Industry
and in the Lighting Technology sector.

Industrial production and lighting technology are increasingly evolving fields and require increasingly high performance optics, high technology, and often even with defined features. optics lite is alongside companies in this tumultuous innovation process.

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