Consulting and Design of Optical Systems
for Stage Lighting

Stage lighting for events, concerts, shows: the new frontier of live lighting to create emotion.

The emotional light, which creates a spectacle and becomes a fundamental part of a concert, event or any other live performance, so that it is often entrusted to the expert hands of light designers: the stage lighting is a relatively new sector to others of longer tradition, but rich in possibilities and innovation, so much so that they are often driving when it comes to lighting technology and original solutions and never tried before.
optics lite aims to provide to lighting equipment manufacturers with ever-new and increasingly sophisticated solutions to enable Lighting Designer to create ever-sophisticated light games that do not set limits on dynamism and the ability to excite emotions in audience that attends the show.
Whether it is ad hoc projects for major events or creating tools in collaboration with companies operating in this field, optics lite research aims to provide solutions for bright scenery of any entity and complexity, ensuring maximum freedom creative.

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I nostri Optical Systems for Stage Ligthing