Consulting and Design of Optical Systems
for Indoor Lighting

Functionality and aesthetics for any interior lighting needs and the creation of technical or design lamps, in collaboration with designers and architects.

Lamps and chandeliers are increasingly a sought after piece of furniture, so that really there are many iconic design creations produced by big brands and now part of the history of furnishings. optics lite can provide consulting and design services on optical systems for any interior lighting needs, even in collaboration with architects and designers, to make any idea any reality and optimize light body performance. All of course, always guaranteeing the utmost privacy and discretion, especially when designing innovative design lamps.
In designing optics lite, functionality and compliance with the regulations go hand in hand with the aesthetic and emotional aspect: even when it comes to technical illumination, therefore highly regulated by precise regulatory aspects, the pleasure of the final result is never underestimated . Not to mention the latest frontiers in interior lighting: color changes and mixing, remotely controllable devices, lighting scenarios, control of different environments and more.

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I nostri Optical Systems for Indoor Lighting