Consulting and Design of Optical Systems
for Lamps and Medical Devices.

High technology, precision, reduced size and high performance: advanced services for the medical field optics.

The medical field is constantly evolving and expanding, with more and more advanced instruments in all fields: examinations and interventions become less and less invasive thanks to smaller and more powerful optics that allow surgeons to intervene in a non-invasive way, surgical rooms are modified to make the work of specialists easier and safer. All this goes back to the constant commitment of optics lite in the design of innovative optics, which respond to ever-higher and challenging parameters and targets.
Whether it's endoscopy targets, optics for microscopies or selective interferential filters for spectroscopy, polymerization lamps or endoscopic cameras for the dental industry, UV lighters for dental technology or more, finding high performance solutions is a daily commitment to optics lite. The same applies to the lighting of both dental laboratories such as assembly lamps and operating rooms, such as operating lamps for the illumination of the operating table, where functionality and effectiveness go hand in hand: in this area, custom optics signed optics lite allow maximum viewing accuracy.

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I nostri Optical Systems for Lamps and Medical Devices