Consulting and Design of Optical Systems
for Signaling

Systems for signaling play an important role in ensuring security, whether they are fixed or installed on moving vehicles.

Optical systems for signaling not only have to comply with certain standards, but also be very efficient and robust so that they can best fulfill the important security role they are called upon. These are installed on fixed devices or even on moving vehicles. In the first category, for example, they are aerial obstructions devices, ie those warning lights placed at the top of skyscrapers or other very high buildings or structures - such as bridges pylons - for indicate the presence of the obstacle. In the second category, for example, all the flashes are for both rescue or emergency (blue), working vehicles (amber), fixed or magnetic (depending on the car and its use).
The optical signaling systems must respond to certain very precise rules because they have the same features worldwide, being internationally standardized: in this way wherever you are, you will be able to immediately recognize the emergency signal, for example, avoiding this way of provoking involuntarily due to a lack of understanding of the situation.

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