Consulting and Design of Optical Systems
for Image Management.

Enable innovative processes or optimize existing ones: the importance of advanced and ad hoc optics in the industrial sector.

Whether optics for image capture cameras in the industrial field or telecentric optics, such as those used for presetting tools for CNC machining centers, optics lite provides top-level consulting and design services, those sectors that require very high precision (up to micron) or machining performed in controlled environments. Applications of such optics in the industry are almost infinite: they make it possible or extremely efficient to automate processes, control product compliance at high speed before continuing in the industrial process or preparing for shipment, capture and send images to high definition in very short times ...
Precisely in the realization of optical systems for the innovative image management and that give rise to unimaginable processes or to make existing ones more efficient is the sense of optics lite work. Each optical system is designed ad hoc for each machine according to the guidelines and needs of the customer, for a more and more powerful technology.

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