Consultancy and Optical Desing for
Outdoor and Architectural Lighting Systems

Advanced optical systems for outdoor use, from street lighting to parks and facades: functionality and energy saving.

Outdoor lighting is such a large field as the surrounding environments are: we are speaking of roads, galleries, walls of any kind, gardens, parks, urban furnishings, and anything else that may come to mind about the open spaces.
Three features that must have all these types of application.
The first is, of course, functionality: especially when it comes to street lighting, the effectiveness of light has immediate repercussions on the safety level, and must therefore also respond to specific regulations. In any case, lighting naturally arises with functional needs and integration with the various IOT devices by creating real high-value luminaire or devices.
Second: energy efficiency, thanks to efficient, optimized and therefore performing optical systems.
Third, but not least, the aesthetic value associated with the necessary mechanical strength and durability of the optical components used, which today becomes more important, bringing lighting from a simple technical tool to a true architectural element.
From these basic elements the opportunities multiply: lighting scenerios, matched lights with cameras and wi-fi, remote control of each single point of light, changes in intensity controlled by proximity sensors (which also allows a great energy saving to example in public parks), environmental enhancement solutions in historic and artistic contexts and a host of other nearly endless applications.

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I nostri Optical Systems for Outdoor and Architectural Lighting Systems