Consultancy and Design of Optical Systems
for Visual Landing Aids

Assistance to pilots for landing at airports, aircraft carriers or helidecks: here is visual landing.

When talking about visual landing, all those systems are meant to make pilots, whether they are civilian or military aircraft or helicopters, able to land safely by a specific lighting system, which often has to deal with a series of environmental and technical difficulties that vary from project to project. In this case, we could have both fixed systems and mobile systems, such as those installed on the aircraft carrier that must be able to emit a stable light beam despite the more or less intense swelling of the sea.
These are always very important projects, as they are fundamental to the security of landing, for example, civil aircraft at airports, military aircraft in such aircraft carriers, helicopters in offshore or hospitals helidecks. In some cases, such as those that concern the military, this strategic importance is added to the strategic one: that is why optics lite guarantees its customers the utmost privacy on all developed projects because they remain exclusively customer-oriented. A trusted relationship that builds over time, supported by the reputation that optics lite has earned in years of serious work with the utmost protection of information.

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I nostri Optical Systems for Visual Landing Aids