Consultancy and Design of Optical Systems for
IR and UV Devices

Infrared and ultraviolet optical systems for all fields of application, from security barriers as safety light curtains, to banknote control.

The constant evolution of LED systems, while requiring on the one hand a continuous review of market-oriented proposals, on the other hand, guarantees the possibility of creating high performance and ever-higher performance solutions: this is the case when we talk about Infrared devices for perimeter controls, where precision calculations allow for long-range barriers, as for IR sensors, such as the most sophisticated infrared systems used on industrial machines to ensure operator safety, avoiding any inconvenience or injury.
There are also several substances that react to ultraviolet radiation: in these cases - three examples of all: banknote control, water purification and some polymerization systems on UV production lines - it will be necessary to prepare special UV systems, which can give certainty of effectiveness and safety studied with the best optical materials available on the market

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I nostri Optical Systems for IR and UV Devices